Hire The Right Landscaper

  • Looking To Hire The Right Landscaper, Sprinkler Service or Lawn Care Contractor?

You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. Akamai(Smart) homeowners know that their yards make an impression every day > on visitors, friends, family and the whole neighborhood (who doesn’t look over the wall sometimes?). If you’re not concerned with looks, a landscape done right can put Cash in your pocket.

A 2010 real estate study reported the costs of landscaping had a recovery value of at least 100 percent and up to 200 percent, which compares to a recovery value of 70 to 125 percent for a kitchen and 80 to 120 percent for a bathroom remodel. Now if you need to clean things up a bit, or even add some classic features that will expand living space for you and your family, Give us a call or Check out our new website. www.personaltouchlandscape.com

Lawn care and Landscape Maintenance Shows

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