Expert Irrigation Tips For Hawaii, Oahu, Honolulu

Keeping a lush lawn and healthy landscape takes a lot of time and effort – often more than most families can fit into their busy schedules. Standing around with the hose in hand or running outside to move the sprinkler again is just too much hassle. Today’s homeowners want more efficient and effective watering solutions, and they’re increasingly discovering the benefits of professionally installed irrigation systems.

Whether your goal is a greener lawn or a healthier garden (or both), an irrigation system can help you achieve it. Here’s a look at the top five advantages of choosing the right irrigation method for your needs:

1. Save on your water bill.

A proper irrigation system installation is carefully designed to meet the needs of your landscape by delivering water right where it’s needed most. With a programmable controller, you can make sure your landscape receives the proper amount of moisture – and not a drop more. As water costs continue to rise, every drop saved translates into cash that stays in your bank account when the water bill arrives. Many homeowners will see water savings of up to 30 percent when they install a properly designed system using the latest technology.

2. Save time on landscape maintenance.

Modern irrigation systems are easily controlled with set-it-and-forget-it timers so you don’t even have to step outside to water your landscape. Just program the timer so the system waters your lawn and garden at the optimal time of day (or night). Not only can you skip out on the hassle of watering, but you’ll end up with healthier plants that require less attention in the long run.

3. Enjoy a greener landscape.

And we’re not just talking about the color. Up to 70 percent of a household’s water consumption goes to outdoor use. Fortunately, today’s professional irrigation systems are finely tuned to conserve water, resulting in a more eco-friendly yard. For example, by choosing a system with built-in soil moisture sensors, a rain shutoff device and a weather sensor, you can program your system to take into account local weather and moisture factors and adjust accordingly. That way, you know your lawn will be watered only when truly necessary.

4. Improve plant growth.

Both over-watering and under-watering can prove harmful to your plants. By choosing the right irrigation system for your needs, you can control the amount of water each area of your landscape receives. For example, using a drip irrigation system in your garden will help plants develop deeper, healthier root systems.

5. Spend less time weeding.

The precision of a properly installed irrigation system allows you to water only the areas of your landscape that need hydrating – without accidentally nourishing thirsty weeds in the process. Consequently, you’ll spend less time pulling weeds from obscure places, such as the concrete seams in a driveway.

For help choosing and customizing the right irrigation system for your needs, consult a landscaping or irrigation specialist. Then sit back and enjoy the benefits of a lush, healthy landscape without all of the work.Image

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