Personal Touch Landscape prides itself on providing the best services to all of our clients through maintaining a high level of quality control, ensuring employees are well-trained, and offering premium services to all clientele.

You can find the following questionnaire to meet your needs on our website and we would be glad to come over and provide you with a free consultation.

Describe your home. (i.e. Acreage or Corner lot , new yard or renovation project)

What areas of your property would you like to have landscaped?
Whole PropertyFront YardSide YardBack YardOther

What are some of the property issues that you feel should be minimized or overcome in the design? (i.e. Parking, entryway, enhancement of plants and trees, drainage etc)

Does your property border ocean front / green space?

Are there allergy considerations that we should be made aware of?

Do you experience wildlife in your area?

What is the sun exposure that you receive?
Full Sun all dayFull Sun morning / Full shade afternoonFull shade morning/ Full sun afternoonFull shade all day

Does your project need to be completed by a certain date/time?

After filling out your property basics, is there anything that we missed? Please add any additional comments in the space below. You may come back to this section to make comments once you have completed the next sections.

Outdoor Lifestyle

With these questions we hope to get a feel of how you will actually use your outdoor space and find out what the functionality of the space requires.

Are you planning to entertain outside?

Which designated usable areas, would you like to see incorporated. (Indicate all features that you would like to include)
Garbage/Recycling storagePet runPlay Areas or Structures for childrenPhysical Activity or Work-out areaMaintenance/Garden shedCompost AreaGarden Area (Edible Plants)Flower Bed(s)Patio (stone)Patio (wood)Retaining Wall(s)BBQ AreaOutdoor KitchenFirepitWater FeatureOther

After answering questions on your outdoor lifestyle, is there anything that we missed? Please add any additional comments in the section below

Landscaping Preferences

These questions will help us discover your likes and dislikes in design and concept for your landscaping project.

What colors are you drawn to? (Please list all colors you are drawn to in order of importance to you)

Are there specific plants you are particularly fond of?

Are there specific plants that you dislike?

Are you interested in having artificial grass?

Would you like to highlight areas of your landscape at night with landscape lighting?
yesnomaybeI don’t know

After answering questions about your landscaping preferences, is there anything that we missed? Please add any additional comments in the section below

Overall Vision

If you could sum up your overall vision for the way you would like your space to look and feel, what would that be?


We at Personal Touch Landscape pride ourselves on our quality and experienced professional work. Personal Touch Landscape is dedicated to meeting and exceeding our customer’s goals and expectations with the highest quality products and services, produced in the timeliest fashion, by the finest landscape professionals.

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